AUREA OVA CAVIAR®: Gastronomischer Partner der Trophée Champenois 2021

AUREA OVA CAVIAR® : Gastronomic partner of the Trophées Champenois 2021

Aurea Ova Caviar had the honor to be selected as gastronomic partner for the Trophées Champenois 2021, organized by Bulles et Millésimes, the magazine of the Wines of Champagne and Cochet Concept at the City Hall of Epernay.

To welcome the guests, a Champagne&Caviar bar, with Orpale Blanc de Blancs champagne from the Maison Saint-Gall and Royal Baeri Gastronomie of an exceptional freshness. Mr Pierre Hermé, Champagne prize of the year 2021, appreciated the Royal Baeri Gastronomie, for its aromatic qualities. The guests were delighted.

The Aurea Ova Caviars were honored by the Chefs Jérôme Feck - L'Angleterre and Jean-Denis RieublandRoyal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Aurea Ova Caviars were honored by the Chefs and :

  • Confit eggplant with olive oil, green Tahïna and Royal Kaluga Amour®
  • Veal fillet with nori and Royal Oscietra®️ caviar, pan-fried chanterelles caramelized onions short juice with white port.

Exceptional dishes accompanied by excellent Champagne wines:

At the end of the evening, Chef Pâtissier Pierre Hermé, congratulated all the organizers, chefs and partners for the excellent organization of the event.

Aurea Ova Caviar - Le Plaisir de l'Excellence®

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