If emptying the sea using a spoon is an impossible task for anyone,
Aurea Ova knows how to bring the precious elixir from the sea to your lips with a single mother-of-pearl spoon.

The Luxury of necessity

Depending on the species, it takes seven to eighteen years to bring fry to maturity, in semi-wild breeding conditions. Seven to eighteen years of swimming in pure water, of feeding on live food, of constant care-taking and attention.

Is time a Luxury?

We take this time for you, we give it to our sturgeons… and then, as in the heroic era, the scheduled appointments will take place from one instant to the next: the roe will be delivered just before term, not a little too early, not a little too late. And we will have just a few minutes to collect it, wash it, sift it, salt it 3% by hand and stir it — an operation precise, delicate et decisive, crucial to the proper development of its latent savors…

At each of these traditional steps, a Persian Caviar Master is present.

All caviar must sing and enchant.

Next comes the time of ultra-rapid and safe transport, under controlled temperature, to our storage facilities. At this point, the fresh caviar already has the iridescent colors, diameter, weight, and texture proper to the variety it has come from — with a thousand variations depending on the season, the nourishing, the age of the female sturgeon, the rearing conditions, etc…

And this is when the next-to-last stage occurs: the scents and flavors must still be developed.

It is because it is free and can bloom due to the action of the salt and the time it is provided that each grain will find its own taste. This pause of a few months in the secret haven of a low temperature chamber leads to evolving of the organoleptic qualities of the caviar. The product is said to be refined, in an essential maturation process, slow, and accompanied, overseen, and day after day, scrupulously tasted.

At Aurea Ova, the Caviar Grand Masters are the garantors. It is on the precise day they choose that we proceed to a caviar’s final conditioning. This fruit of Nature and evolution has then become an extraordinary dish, enchanting for the eye, nose, touch, taste buds, of course… and yes: for the ears, too…

…Because, at the moment it is tasted, the caviar should sing. Each grain will sing its tiny song; a pop that coinnaisseurs will recognize, and which is the exclusive preserve of its live perfection.

Is requirement a luxury?

No: requirements are the very conditions of luxury. We rise to each occasion, we constantly meet the requirements of our caviars, and fulfill those of yours. For you, at Aurea Ova, the selection of producers and varieties, the classification into genuine types, the refined elaboration of each savor, are the result of the requirements, experience and unique know-how of the Caviar Masters, and are carefully supervised by our own Caviar Masters. Only when these steps are successfully accomplished are these caviars, now deluxe, offered to you…

…Then it’s up to you, and only you, to taste them.

Our Selection

The commitment of Aurea Ova is to enable you to discover historic and contemporary caviars, prepared according to the Persian tradition. Thus, across the planet, we deal only with producers in keeping with this tradition, and mindful: aware of the life cycle of sturgeons, recognizing the absolute necessity of respecting the water, the environment, the time… So that the results of their patience and their work remain in harmony with a living planet. And so that their commitment and our own expertise guarantees that you can, season by season, taste the noblest of grains.

Historical and contemporary Caviars
prepared according to the Persian tradition.

The sources of our Caviars

While the Caspian sea evokes the original birthplace of sturgeons, and its banks shelter the most ancient tradition of preparation and tasting of Khâvyâr – a symbol of the eternal renewal of life in common with the holiday of Nowruz (Persian New Year) – there are multiple sites of the Northern Hemisphere where Persian and Russian thinking still inspire today what is a source of pride in human ingenuity: the re-creation of the most highly valued food from this ancient origin, the sea itself, and from the waves, lakes, and rivers, pure and preserved…


The meaning is slightly salted, in Russian, which reminds us that any real experience, and any deep savor, is the result of a skillful blend. Today, in the footsteps of the Russian ikrjanschik (caviar maker), the Caviar Masters use, after extraction, a salting of about 3%, able to reveal all the savors of the Caviar, to enhance its subtlety, and harmony, while also guaranteeing the perfect conservation of its virtues and freshness. We will use the term malossol caviar for any grain prepared using this precise amount of salt… which, in Persian, is called : Khâvyâr Kam Namak

Malossol Caviars according to
Persian et Russian traditions.

From our hands to yours: 8 guarantees of infinite pleasure

  1. Selection

At each season, each time of year, all over the planet, Aurea Ova selects only the exceptional: the best caviars of the best producers.

  1. Greatness

To ensure the exceptionality of luxury, a given variety can temporarily be excluded from our collection: when the actual quality does not meet the standards of the name.

  1. Rigorous Tracking

Every single box of any origin received at one of our warehouses directly from the producer is subjected to drastic quality control:
 - Monitoring of its origin : via CITES tracking (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species).
 - Inspection of the grains : Odor, Appearance, Texture, and Taste.

  1. Inhouse Refinement

Under the authority and supervision of, and guided by the experience of, our Caviar Masters across the world, and, naturally, of the Aurea Ova Master.

  1. Packaging

After refinement, the apportionment of each variety in various types of packaging (from 30g to 1.8kg) is carried out according to our current information about the demands and orders of our clients, your orders: so that our responsiveness respects the freshness and requirements of our Caviars.

  1. Caviar Masterwork© and Heritage and Tradition©

Each box, sealed by us, receives quality labels unique in the world, solely authorized by our exclusive links with both Persian and Russian traditions.
Caviar Masterwork© and Heritage and Tradition©, respect for tradition, inheritance of the know-how, is more than a label, it’s our Signature.

  1. Delivery

As qualified specialists in the transport of precious goods, we have created partnerships across the planet with teams that know how to deal with all the obstacles, and attain the farthest and most exclusive locations. Aurea Ova guarantees rapid delivery, from our hands to yours, wherever you are in the world, with strict respect for the international transport rules and laws.

  1. The sign of infinity

Because Caviar is a luxury, we intend this luxury to live on. Even better than being rare, is being an exception. Better than being fresh, is having a live origin.