The Caviars

Aurea Ova Caviar is a wonderful encounter between Orient and Occident, an alliance between the pleasure of tastes and the excellence of products.
Our exclusive selection offers eleven caviars of quality, including: Beluga, Ossetra, Kaluga, Sevruga, Transmontanus, Baeri and the sensational Kaluga Amur.

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Royal Baeri ®

From €59.44

Royal Baeri ® offers medium-sized grains with colors ranging from...

Royal Transmontanus

From €66.05

Royal Transmontanus offers large grains with colors ranging from...

Royal Oscietra ®

From €78.54

Royal Oscietra ® is recognizable by its round pearls ranging from...

Imperial Sevruga

From €180.98

With small grains, comparable to tiny black pearls, tightly packed...

Imperial Kaluga

From €196.35

The large grains of the Kaluga caviars remind us, by their size...

Imperial Beluga

From €394.69

Its rarity has no equal except for its excellence, with its...

Imperial Oscietra

From €267.75

Imperial Oscietra Selection ® offers large grains with an...