From the Latin Golden Eggs, the foam and waves, the sturgeon and its roe :
Maison Aurea Ova was born in homage to the most precious of foods, with a discrete reminder of its ancient history in order to spawn for it a new road to the future.

Yeki Bud,
Yeki Nabud...

Yeki Bud, Yeki NabudEKI BUD, YEKI NABUD : Once upon a time there was someone, a respectable businessman who had just decided to devote his career to the express delivery of goods that were precious and rare…

And once upon a time there was someone, a child of the Caspian who accompanied his father on one of those pale blue boats with which the Persians, and other sailors, used to go fishing for sturgeon. Once there was someone, once there was no one… And often someone, often further on, the child became the right-hand man of his father, the captain, and then a sturgeon broker, and then a malossol master and Khâvyâr Sâzan

Once upon a time there was someone,
once upon a time there was no one.

Time and age, quicker than a river, saw him join the group of managers of many international entreprises who are charged with the marketing and exporting of the gray gold. Without patience, there is no wisdom. When this loop was completed, of all the world’s eggs, Ahmad had learned the secrets.

When Michel met Ahmad, it was between aurora and dawn, between Occident and Orient, between hazard and destiny. Michel, who, on that day as on all other days had been running from one sky to the next, saw in Ahmad a man who was walking step by step, smiling, carrying a golden box he was holding pressed to his heart, like a secret and a promise. Michel smiled to this stranger. The box held a timeless treasure, a treasure from the Orient. The box was full of grains of caviar.

Ahmad, who had learned years ago to draw them from the sea, to pass them through the mesh of a net, the sieve of a strainer, then the mesh of taste, who knew how to accentuate taste using an imperceptible amount of salt, how to distinguish their particularities, and if necessary how to find out what you need to do to get them to where you want them to be, Ahmad saw in Michel someone who knew how to keep secrets, traverse distances, and carry out promises: get from door to door in almost less time than the sun and the moon.

Once upon a time there were two men, soon they would be four. For Michel had a friend, Valentin; in Paris, they had crossed gloves in the noble art of boxing. From black gloves to gray grains, it’s just a single big step, isn’t it? A doer, Valentin is one of those who know the paths which lead to fulfillment, the end, for him, never justifies the means, and the only things that equal his successes are his principles. He is an inventer of encounters with life, an organizer of informal tastings — not just of jabs —, a passer of fire and of passion, a discoverer of any new opportunity for sharing…

Valentin introduced someone to Michel. It was Hugues. Living in style as high society ambassador, with champagnes and palaces, and more generally with French-style prestige, who discrete years of people skills, relations, receptions, and of… gallant last stands, had phlegmatically led to the podiums of all the circuits where the fastest cars on earth were running… Now isn’t it supposed to be the case, in our world, that one is never away by more than six degrees of separation from anyone else? Six degrees, five handshakes? Well Hugues is one of the rare people whose hand gets you just one palm away from that of any princess or prince on the planet.

Once upon a time there were two men,
who would soon be four.

Two men who become three, then four, …that’s a familiar story in France. A story that leads to friendship, carousing and to the beautiful aventure. A story to bring back the queen’s ferrets, to transport the gateway to the Orient to your door, and to deliver there, for your lips only, exclusively, from our hands to your mouths, the most luxurious caviars.

Thus was born Maison Aurea Ova for you today in homage to the most precious of all foods.

But the adventure is not over…

Once upon a time there were four men,
who would soon be six.

Michel Ferreira
Expert in the transport of precious goods

Ahmad Shiroudian
Roe and Caviar Master

Hugues Trevennec
Ambassador for luxury

Valentin Binet
Internet adventurer

Pierre-Yves Fouqué
Ambassador for luxury

Pierre-Yves Canton
Ambassador of dreams

Those who know how to make of their life a journey
will always meet