WHEREVER Magazine : Aurea Ova Caviar's New Kids on the Block

 Wherever Magazine : Aurea Ova Caviar's New Kids on the Block

Dear Clients, Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

We are pleased to submit to you an excellent article from Wherever Magazine, the magazine for expats everywhere of December 15, 2021 entitled: Aurea Ova Caviar's New Kids on the Block

The December 2021 issue is mainly devoted to international gastronomy. It is illustrated, with greed, by articles dedicated to Chefs, such as Alain Ducasse, Helenne Darroze, Dalad Kambhu, Elizabeth Haigh… ; or to Restaurants not to be missed, such as Alma, Akelarre, Cail Bruich, La Dame de Pic, Luce d'Oro, Marsan Restaurant, ...and many more.

You will also find a beautiful article highlighting the Aurea Ova House, entitled Aurea Ova Caviar’s New Kids on the Block, describing our history and know-how.

We invite you to read the entire digital magazine: WHEREVER MAGAZINE FOOD ISSUE WINTER 2021

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