BOCUSE d'Or 2021: Gastronomy starts again!

BOCUSE d'Or 2021: Gastronomy starts again! In this new year 2021, a wind of freshness comes to caress us, like a wind of newfound freedom!

After several months of stop and go, the professionals are welcoming back their customers and seeing their activities resume, for the joy of all.

On this occasion, the entire Aurea-Ova team will have the pleasure of meeting you at upcoming events, tasting evenings, and meetings between professionals and suppliers in order to present its new products for 2021.

This fall, there was also the SIRHA 2021 trade show. France illuminated the aisles of the Lyon exhibition center with the magnificent victory of Chef Davy Tissot, MOF 2004, at the Bocuse d'Or 2021. Having worked with Jacques Maximin, Jean-Paul Pignol, Paul Bocuse,... the chef from Lyon wins the trophy of this gastronomic competition, so coveted.

When the podium was announced, the entire French team was united around the Chef and the trophy: "Thank you Paul Bocuse! It's been almost ten years since he came home. Where I am most proud is that as a Lyonnais, this is huge, tomorrow I will be proud to take him home to Collonges, to the auberge."

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