FRESH MAG PARIS 2020 : Aurea Ova®, the excellence of Caviar

Aurea Ova - The excellence of Caviar - Fresh Magazine Paris 2020 

Dear Clients, Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

As the holiday season approaches, Fresh Magazine Paris® had the pleasure of tasting our selection of Caviars specially prepared for you.

Janaina De Macedo & Yanis Bargoin founded this magazine in 2020 to bring you experiences around gastronomy and art of living.

Fresh Magazine Paris® is currently distributed for free in Hotels, Showrooms, Boutiques, Restaurants in Paris.

We wish them a great success and are pleased to share their article written to celebrate the end of the year: Aurea Ova, the excellence of Caviar

Please feel free to consult the article written for us: Aurea Ova, the excellence of Caviar

We suggest you to consult the collection of Caviars in our Online Shop: Aurea Ova Caviar

Aurea Ova Caviar - The Pleasure of Excellence®

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