L'Epicurien 2020 : Festive Meals

Festive Meals - L'Epicurien Magazine 2020

Dear Customers, Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

We are pleased to submit you an article from the l’Épicurien magazine for the end of the year celebrations, available in newsstands throughout France.

Maison Aurea Ova® is honored, our Caviars have retained the special attention of the Editor, for the quality of our selections, and the ancestral know-how of our Master of Persian Caviar, Mr Ahmad Shiroudian.

For more information, please visit the newsstands or directly on their website: l’Épicurien

We suggest you to consult the collection of Caviars in our online store : Caviars Aurea Ova

Aurea Ova Caviar - The Pleasure of Excellence®

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