LUXURY&PASSIONS 2020 : The Black Gold of Aurea Ova

The Black Gold of Aurea Ova® - Luxury & Passions 2020

Dear Customers, Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

As the end of the year celebrations approach, Luxe&Passions® magazine introduce our selection of Caviars selected and refined just for you.

Luxe & Passions "For Luxurious & Exclusive Experience" is a magazine specialized in luxury and art of living.

Mrs. Veronique Van Oeveren and her team share with us their favorite places, exclusive destinations, gastronomic pleasures and much more.

Do not hesitate to read the article written for us: Luxury & Passions - The Black Gold of Aurea Ova®

We suggest you to consult the collection of Caviars in our online store: Aurea Ova Caviar

Aurea Ova Caviar - The Pleasure of Excellence®

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