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Shabestarî, the Rose Garden of the Mystery

"Look into the water at the blazing sun, its brilliance fades there. Perhaps you will be able to look at it longer. "

Shabestari, The Rose Garden of the Mystery, Sufi Journey of the Soul, 1317

In the Persian eyes of Aurea Ova, sturgeon eggs are the Khäls - the moles - of the Sea.

The truth is that beauty looks at the world.

It looks at the world and at beings from the sky, the sand, the grains of gold sown in the belly of a fish to the feathers of nothing fallen on the pavement, the fleeting and seismic beat of life to the apparent immobility of mountains.

And the flip side of this truth is that everyone looks, observes, desires, and seeks beauty.

Desire and search for luxury, calm, voluptuousness.

Intimately and professionally you know this.

You are even in charge of it.

Because you are the manager of an exceptional place, a Palace or a starred restaurant, because you are the organiser of mysteries and other unforgettable parties, the operator of yachts and unusual trips, the person in charge of the splendour of a casino or a great restaurant, because you are simply a Chef.

Or because you are fully yourself.

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