Pleasure of Excellence kit ®

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Aurea Ova has created a tasting kit designed for you: The Pleasure of Excellence®
Unique in the world, the kit has two drawers in which you will find a selection of 8 masterpieces of 125g of caviar:

  • Royal Baeri ®
  • Royal Transmontanus
  • Royal Kaluga Amour®
  • Royal Oscietra ®
  • Imperial Kaluga Gold ®
  • Imperial Kaluga
  • Imperial Kaluga Selection ®
  • Imperial Beluga

12 natural mother-of-pearl spoons also come with the kit.

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Pleasure of Excellence® is a kit hand-made of recyclable substances, with a high-level waterproof surface that is pleasant to the touch.
The drawers contain a high quality black moss-like substance to protect the containers of caviar and mother-of-pearl spoons.
The kit is sold only with the selection of 8 Caviars in jars of 125 grams that we offer.
12 natural mother-of-pearl spoons also come with the kit.
It is reusable for other occasions.

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