AUREA OVA CAVIAR®: Partner of Étoiles de Mougins 2017

Aurea Ova Caviars®, Partner of the Étoiles de Mougins 2017

Last weekend, from 23 to 25 June 2017, the 12th edition of the Étoiles de Mougins took place.

An international culinary discovery that has transported us to the five continents and their processions of surprises, without forgetting the fascinating encounters.

During these three days, a hundred or so demonstrations, workshops and conferences were offered to gastronomy lovers.

Star Chefs came from all over the world for this edition, such as Daniel Boulud, Christophe Marguin, Albert Boronati I Miro, Joe BarzaCharles Azar, Alan Geaam, Benoît Sinthon, Flavio Trombino and many others... without forgetting, of course, the welcoming and talented Chef of Mougins, Lady Laela Mouhamou.

It was also an opportunity for Aurea Ova Caviar®, partner of Les Étoiles 2017, to introduce to the Chefs during privileged meetings, a unique selection of Caviars, selected and refined by the Persian  Caviar Master, Mr Ahmad  Shiroudian.

Pierre-Yves Fouqué and Hugues Trevennec, founding members of the Aurea Ova Caviar®, brought a note of pleasure and rare flavours to this gastronomic event.

The adventure continues for our House, closer to its origins...

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