Luxury, calm and pleasure: Living with Caviar

Luxury, calm and pleasure: Living with Caviar

True luxuries are time, space, exchange...

True luxury is to feel alive.

Aurea Ova knows how exceptional places, your places and tables of good food are propitious to this.

So that the waters of our world reflect the ideas, thoughts, questions and actions of those who create such places, who open such tables, those who dream of the art of living, culture and cuisine being combined as a matter of course, our Living with Caviar pages inaugurate discussions, interviews, round tables and regular interventions:

Chefs or hotel managers, amateurs, tasters, industry or luxury professionals, or simply poets.

...And maybe one day, why not, with you.

The House of Aurea Ova is also, and finally, a circle of exclusive members and contacts, with horizons from the Caspian Sea to the world, forging links of knowledge and friendship and shared convergences, but also and above all a circle of Happy Few...

So come and breathe, feel the moment, the freedom of the miracles of the sea.

Aurea Ova Caviar - The Pleasure of Excellence®

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